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South America

A personal tour of Buenos Aires and the northeast part of the country to chase some South American bird families. BA is a beautiful city with the widest boulevard (20 lanes) I have seen. Lots of birds, world's largest rodent, great lake boat ride, gauchos aplenty. 11/2008

Fabulous scenery, wide open spaces, whales, extraordinary Andes and the bottom of the world. Spectacular Megellanic Woodpecker, very scenic cruise in Drakes Channel; 11-12/2008.

Trinidad & Tobago, 1/2009: Considered by taxonomists as part of South America, not the Caribbean. Stayed at the famous Asa Wright Nature Lodge and had our first introduction to South American birds. The flight of the Scarlet Ibises at dusk into their roost in the mangroves was memorable.

Southern Peru - Coast, Lima, Cusco and Machu Pichu, 8-9/2011: Fascinating ancient country. We birded a couple of coastal areas near Lima and spent two days in the high Andes where most of our octogenarian contingent found it could bird effectively at over 15,000 feet! Also includes fabulous time in Cusco and Machu Pichu. Cusco is now one of my favorite cities anywhere.

Over the Andes into the upper Amazon basin. Fabulous birds and venues. We stayed at three lodges for four days each. The Cock-of-the-Rock lek was a singular experience as was visiting a parrot "lick" where we saw hundreds of parrots of several species including 5 different kinds of macaw,. Two floats in oxbow lakes were incredibly productive, 8-9/2011.

A slide show of stunning still photographs of birds plus, complete with IDs and Peruvian music, 8/2011.

A birding, natural history and cultural tour of Northern Peru. Starting in Iquitos in the upper Amazonia and surrounding forests and waters to the Andes and Andes foothills up out of Chiclayo on the Pacific Coast. 5/2012

Video produced by the cruise staff composed of video clips and stills by staff and participants. I did not contribute.2013

Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, South Orkney and South Shetland Islands and finally to the Antarctic Mainland. Return across Drake's Passage around Cape Horn back to Ushuaia. 2013

Brief visit to one of the world's great waterfalls and some of its birds. 2015

Natural history trip to the southernmost watershed of the Amazon River in Central Brazil. 2015

Trip to the Pantanal of Brazil. Seasonal fresh water marsh. Best place in the world to see jaguars in the wild and the world's largest parrot, the Hyacinth Macaw, 2015

An adventure to Ecuador: Tandayapa Cloud Forest in the Northwestern Andes, near Quito from July 3rd to 6th, 2018.

Natural history cruise through the cradle of evolution, featuring birds, including the pivotal Darwin Finches, land tortoises, land & sea iguanas, erupting volcano, leaping dolphins, sea and land excursions.

Documentary of a mostly birding trip to Columbia, SA in January/February, 2019, featuring 6 seniors led by a young Columbian naturalist.

A hand-held video record of a birding safari in Guyana (colonial British Guyana), South America.

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