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Asia and Australasia

I am crazy about Australia - birds, people, weird animals and scenery. We started in Sydney and worked our way west to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and concluded in Alice Springs; 10/2002.

Birds, birds, birds including an extraordinary Cassowary family with 10 day old chicks, platypus, and finally the koala missed during my first trip; 10-11/2004.

Parts of New Guinea are still unexplored. A new species was recently discovered in Western New Guinea. I did NOT see it. but we did see 21 species of the wonderful Birds of Paradise and many more kinds of birds. The people and countryside were fascinating as well; 7-8/2005.

We took a 10 day tour on the Palace 0n Wheels, a modern luxury train built after the style of the British Raj. We hit such spots as New and Old Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal, the great former Sultanic hunting preserve of Bharatpur, the Kahna Tiger Preserve (yes we saw and videoed a tiger), Rathambore National Park, the lovely city of Jaipur; 3/2006

A week touring Kathmandu with its great Budhist temple, Boudhanath, the Hindu and Bhudist temples in neighboring Patan, a loop trip including three days at Chitwan National Park with its active bird life, and through the towns of Hetauda, Bharatpur, Butwai, and Pokhara. Maoist rebels raided one town we had visited the day before! 3/2006

The first leg of a trip to Australasia (see also New Caledonia an Australian Outback videos) to find families of birds which several of us have not seen. New Zealand offered kiwis, wattlebirds and the most spectacular display of sea birds anywhere on the planet, as well as many other unique birds. The scenery is spectacular and the people wonderful; 11/2007

The last leg of a trip to Australasia (see also New Zealand and New Caledonia videos). In and around Deniliquin, Australia, where the difficult-to-find Plains Wanderer (one species family) wanders and was almost missed; 11/2007

The second leg on a trip to Australasia (see also New Zealand and Australian Outback videos). We experienced France in the South Seas and several unique birds, including the bizarre and unique Kagu; 11/2007

A three week tour of Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo. Fascinating, peaceful Moslem country with incredible natural treasures including orangutans, more extraordinary and huge hornbills then anywhere else and the endemic Bornean Bristlehead, a single species family. Fabulous forests, an unbelievable cave and, yes, leeches galore; 3/2008.

This video is a documentary about a trip to Burma (Myanmar). It is the first of three videos covering the trip. The trip was organized by Partners Asia, an American-based NGO which has established and operates several educational and medical facilities in Burma. This first segment of the trip was based in Yangon (Rangoon). It is followed by a programs for Mount Victoria in the eastern Himalayan foothills and one of visits to Bagan, Kalaw and Inle Lake

A trip to discover the fauna and people of mountainous Burma, seldom visited by Westerners. The chin people, an ancient tribe play nose flutes.

This video is the third in a documentary series covering a trip organized by Partners Asia. Our group visited Began (ancient temples), Kalaw (former British highland resort) and Inle Lake with its unique water-based culture.

A tour of Beijing, Tiananmen Square & environs.

A fabulous trip to the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai, China, & Tibet in August, 2014. We birded Koko Nur ((Qinghai Lake) and surroundings for several days before taking the 24 hour train ride to Lhassa, Tibet, where we visited the Portola countryside. The sights, culture, and natural history were fabulous.

A birding trip focused on 3 off-shore islands of Japan during spring migration and includes other scenes of Japanese life.

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