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USA and Mexico

A birding adventure to remote places in Alaska in 1998 led by Roy Poucher including Ted Chandik, Jim Abernathy and Rigdon Currie

A birding trip to mainland Alaska and the outermost Aleutian Island, Attu, the "Mecca" for North American listers (because of the Asian strays) and a most miserable place, 5-6/2000.

A birding and cultural trip to the Western Mexico coastal village of San Blas with Steve Howell of WINGS Birding Tours, 2001

There are not many endemic birds left in Hawaii thanks to rats, avian flu (not the same one we so fear) and people. Hawaii contains the majority of the listed endangered species in the US. Flowing lava at night, beautiful views and cool birds in spite of a tick infection which I took with me and which almost sent me home. 2001

Oaxaca is a wonderful place to visit at Christmas with parades, radish sculpturing celebrations, ruins and great birds; 12/2001

A visit to this lovely part of Mexico. Alamos is a well preserved colonial town and the home of our guide, David MacKay and his family. They operate The fabulous El Pedregal Nature Lodge and Retreat Center. Good Birds too. 4/2002.

A trip with Steve Howell, author of the Birds of Mexico field guide. Extraordinary Mayan ruins and BIRDS;1-2/2004

Yucatan Peninsula, MX, 1/2005: Fascinating trip to the home of the Mayas with extraordinary ruins, sights and lots of colorful birds. Led by Bolinas avian artist, Keith Hanson, his Mayan wife, Patricia, and Josiah Clark.

THE place to see the fabulous Tufted Jay and other birds too. From San Blas, Nayarit, MX, up the Durango Highway and then on to El Pedrigal Nature Lodge and Retreat Center in Alamos, S. Sonora, with David MacKay of Solipaso Tours, 11/2010.

A program on CNBC and NBC News about the birding hobby in America. it was shot in San Francisco and included a segment with Rigdon Currie.

Slide show of a 4 day boat trip led by Michael Carmody to see birds and mammals in the Pacific Ocean west of the Baja Norte California Peninsula of Mexico. We saw plenty of seals, dolphins, whales and over 50 species of birds and cruised close by some remote islands as well. This program is made up of photographs taken by the participants, June/2010.

Trip to view & video birds, scenery & culture in March, 2013 with David MacKay of Tours

A cruise through the Inner Passage from Vancouver, BC to Seward, Alaska, by Rigdon Currie and Trish JohnsonOn the Holland America Zaandam. Stops made at Ketchikan, Juneau and Glacier Bay. From Seward we went by rail to Anchorage and then to Denali National Park. Trish took a flight around Mount McKinley. The trip concluded in Fairbanks where flights were taken back to San Diego. Beautiful views.

My wife Trish and I took this week-long train tour in British Columbia from Vancouver to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies & back by a different route. Beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, farms as well as early spring wildlife, mostly viewed from a domed coach. Daytime meals were served on the train; we stayed overnight in good hotels.

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