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Timeline - Life

1930 July 19: Atlanta, GA, Born: St. Joseph's Hospital - Mother: Constance Berry Currie (8/2/1994 - 12/7/1987); Father: Charles James Currie (8/28/1992 - 3/22/1967)

1930-34: Atlanta, Morningside Drive, Drury Jervey - first friend, until his death in 2023

1934-1951, 1953: Atlanta, 7 West Wesley Rd (changed to 87): Stocky Broome; JIm Manry; Preston Stevens; Bruno Stein & Fritz Orr’s Camps; E. Rivers School; North Fulton High; Mary Stone (1st girlfriend)

1943-47: Chattanooga TN, McCallie School: military school, learned to study

1947-51: Atlanta GA Tech, BSIE, AFROTC, Chi Phi Fraternity, Alpha Pi Mu (IE Honorary Societ), Notable girlfriends: Butterfly (Margaret Ellis), Mary Bondurant

1951-53: Mobile, AL, USAF, Brookley AFB, 2nd -1st Lt, Phil Atkinson (& Thea); Bud Bullock (& Carol), Tal Harris, Ben Williams (& Linda), Bill & Lorelei Stroble

1953-54: Atlanta; Spotswood Parker: Frank Hudson, Spot, Ben, Mary Bondurant, Bill Scurry

1954-56: Cambridge, MA, Harvard University, MBA, Section Leader, met Sally Churchill 

1955 June 10: W, Hartford, CT, married Sally Churchill, Cambridge flat

1956-59: Inglewood, Westchester, CA, Ramo-Wooldridge Guided Missile Research Division; Thompson Ramo Wolldridge Products Co

1958 Sept. 10: Los Angeles: Steven Currie born! Diagnosed with cerebral palsy by Dr. Parmalee in 19060

1959-62: Houston, TX: TRWP, Bonner & Moore

1961 July 31: David Currie born!

1963: Atlanta, Bunker Ramo

1964-81: SDS & Xerox: Pacific Palisades, Darien, Potomac, Santa Monica, Weston/Westport, Palo Alto

1979: Palo Alto: Divorce final & remarriage to Trish Johnson [+ Christopher (11) & Alexis (8)]

1980-2000: Self Employment (consultant), Pacific Venture Partners, MK Global Ventures

1994-2013: Inverness: my best years!

1995: Mt Vision Fire

2000: Retirement (final)

2013-2021: Carlsbad

2021-?: Pacific Beach: Wesley Palms Retirement Village

Timeline - Career & Military

1934: First job as model at Davison Paxon Department Store, got Social Security #

1939 & 40s: odd jobs: cutting lawn, etc.

1946 summer: Coca Cola Bottling Company of Atlanta assembling metal signs

1948-51: Georgia Air National Guard, Dobbins AFB Marietta, GA, Sergeant

1951: Air Force ROTC at GA Tech, 2nd Lieutenant

1951-53: USAF, Brookley AFB, Mobile, AL, Maintenance Division under Robert Cohen, Colonel; Discharged as 1st Lt.

1953-4: Spotswood Parker & Co., Atlanta, designed & and fabricated complex boiler control safety systems; Frank Hudson,

1953-56: USAF Reserve, Atlanta & Boston MA

1955: Summer job at Electronic Corporation of America, Fire-eye Division, Larry Sibley, GM, marketing.

1956-62: USAF Reserve; discharged as Captain

1956-1958: Ramo Wooldridge Corporation, Guided Missile Research Division; set up laboratory, connected Univac 1103A digital computer to Electronic Associates analog computer to enable simulation of rocket flight.

1958-1959: Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Products Co., Los Angeles, CA; Marketing material and support; Sales

1959--1961: TRWP, Houston, TX; Regional Manager; installed 1st-ever digital process control computer at Texaco Port Arthur; sold systems to several other process companies;

1961-1962: Bonner & Morre Associates, Houston, TX; process control consultant.

1962-1964: TRWP/Bunker Ramo Corp. Regional Manager; installed first digital control system on a utility boiler generator at TVA

1964-1966: Scientific Data Systems, Santa Monica, CA; marketing manager.

1966-1968: SDS, Eastern Regional Manager, NYC & Bethesda, MD

1968-1972: SDS/Xerox Data Systems, VP Sales & Marketing, Santa Monica CA

1972-1978: Xerox Corporate Staff; marketing. Xerox participant in US vs IBM Anti Trust trial; Co-sold Xerox computer business to Honeywell.

1978-1979: VP Marketing & Sales, Diablo (Xerox) Systems, Haywood, CA

1980-2000: self employed consultant, Pacific Venture Partners & MK Global Ventures (Venture Capital firms) 

2000: Retirement.

1935: Mrs. Bloodworth’s Kindergarten - Peachtree Road & Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta

1936 - 1942: E.  Rivers School, Ms. Osterhaus Principal - Peachtree Road & Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta

1936: 1st Grade: Ms Hines

1937: 2nd Grade: Ms Camp

1938: 3rd Grade: Ms Boyd

1939: 4th Grade: Ms Seavy

1940: 5th Grade: Ms Folks

1941: 6th Grade: Ms Sutton

1942: 7th Grade: Ms Davenport

1943: High School: N. Fulton High School, Garden Hills, Ms Gunn, Latin (threw eraser); Ms Miller Algebra (“blue-face” from mercury poisoning)

1944-47: McCallie School, Chattanooga, Billy Fisch, Sylvester Woodward (roommates), English: Mr Ernest & "Mr. Bob" McCallie; Chemistry & Physics: Mr Purdy; Algebra, CMS McIlwaine

1947-51: GA Tech: BSIE, physics, Prof Bartels; Dean of Students: George Griffin

1954-56: Harvard University, MBA; Section C Representative to student government

Timeline - Education

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