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 Family & Friends Videos

I have been most fortunate in being part of several wonderful families: The family in Atlanta where I grew up and then the families I helped form: marriage to Sally Churchill in 1955 and marriage to Trish Johnson in 1979. This is a photo of Trish and me in our apple orchard in Inverness, CA, in 2011 or thereabout. Several videos taken over 60 years show vignettes  of my life since adulthood.

Some family videos are private and can be found here.

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September, 1961

After David was born on July 31, Hurricane Carla made a direct hit on Houston, where Sally, Steve, David and I were living. It was the most severe hurricane ever to affect the US and devastated the area. Sally's mother, Grace Churchill, was visiting. She insisted that I board up our family room window, which 2 large pine trees would have broken through, had I not done so. This was also the start of Dan Rather's career who broadcasted continually during the storm.

July, 1965
During the summer of 1965, the Currie family went with the Henderson family on a Sierra Club Wilderness Threshold trip. We walked in and our stuff was packed on mules into the west-central Sierra area near Dogtooth Peak. We camped there for a week and made excursions around the area.

August, 1979

During the late summer of 1979, Steve, David and I took a rafting trip down the middle fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. After the river trip we visited the Henderson family at their ranch near Dubois, WY.

October, 1979

After returning from Wyoming, I called David's boss at Pacific Hot Bath, Trish Johnson, and after bumbling to ask for a date, persuaded her to go out to dinner with me. I fell in love immediately and pursued Trish with enthusiasm. During my courting, she agreed to spend a weekend with me in Napa Valley. We went on a memorable balloon flight which concluded with a crash landing on a hillside. Soon afterward we were toasting one another with Champagne...  

Fall, 1980

Watching Christopher play soccer was a pleasant family pastime during some afternoons in Palo Alto.

Winter 1993

A visit to New Orleans to see Chris Ferris, who is teaching a grammar school class under the "Teach for America" program. We go to the Zoo with the class and then on a family boat trip in the Pearl River Swamp.


Trip by Rigdon Currie and Trish Johnson to Scotland. A second notable visit with Colin and Carol Kilpatrick at Slipperfield House in West Linton, Peebleshire. A trek to the St. Abs Head seabird nesting colony and farm raising Belted Galloway cattle, Trish's favorite.


Bubba Johnson was our friend and companion for over 14 years before his death in 2010. This program represents a fairly normal day for Bubba with the addition of his going to a birthday party for his friend Mick at Tupper and Madeline Blake's.

September, 2010

A program on CNBC and NBC News about the birding hobby in America. it was shot in San Francisco and included a segment with Rigdon Currie.

Spring, 2011

Slide Show by Will Wilson: Australian Labradoodle puppy playing; spring 2011

Spring, 2012

A tour of gardens of our home at 1 Balboa Ave., Inverness Park, CA, the Historic Piedmont Ranch.

December, 2012

Trish makes Krumkaker, a Johnson family tradition.

August, 2014

A voyage on the Queen Mary 2 from Brooklyn to South Hampton. I had gone on board the original Queen Mary with my parents in New York Harbor in 1939.

September, 2014

Paris. Visits to the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Musee l'Orangerie, cafes, bus and boat tours.

Summer, 2016

A cruise through the Inner Passage from Vancouver, BC to Seward, Alaska, by Rigdon Currie and Trish JohnsonOn the Holland America Zaandam. Stops made at Ketchikan, Juneau and Glacier Bay. From Seward we went by rail to Anchorage and then to Denali National Park. Trish took a flight around Mount McKinley. The trip concluded in Fairbanks where flights were taken back to San Diego. Beautiful views.

May, 2014

Trish and I took this week-long train tour in British Columbia from Vancouver to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies & back by a different route. Beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, farms as well as early spring wildlife, mostly viewed from a domed coach. Daytime meals were served on the train; we stayed overnight in good hotels.


Interview with Jonathon Schwartz, founder of which assists seniors in transitioning from independent living to to assisted living facilities. Goal of interview is to demonstrate how some seniors happily remain in their homes. Trish and I lasted another 7 years before Jonathon moved us to Wesley Palms.

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